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Rapid climate changes and unpredictable natural disasters have consistently threatened the survival of humanity and infringed our rights to live with a clean natural environment. Also, human selfishness has caused eco-system destruction that deprived the flora and fauna of their habitats. New virus, a global pandemic, has recently paralyzed the international community. On top of all, the current adversity has aggravated xenophobia among nations and races, which results in dampening the sentiment of global citizens.

Under the circumstances, Gangwon Province and Visitors Bureau would like to bring global citizens together and hold the JeongSeon Forum 2020. The forum would provide participants with opportunities to reassure the commitment for the shared global goals, SDGs, to address pressing challenges that humanity has encountered. Additionally, during the forum, we would share global core values to ultimately seek for a path in which the Earth, humanity, international community, citizens, businesses and regions could live and prosper together.

Date August 20.(Thu) ~ 22.(Sat), 2020
Venue Jeongseon, High1 Grand Hotel Convention Tower
Sub Theme New Normal in POST-COVID
Host 강원도     강원국제회의센터
Organizer   강원국제회의센터
Partners 정선군 한국광해관리공단 강원지방기상청(GRMA) 지구와사람 (사)인간개발연구원 (사)우리들의미래 지식문명과 나노기술 국제학술컨퍼런스(IKNC) 전국지속가능발전협의회 대한자원환경지질학회(KSEEG) 국제환경연구소 동해해양경찰서
Sponsors ㈜강원랜드 한국관광공사 ㈜동아제약 박카스 포카리스웨트