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Chairman of Gangwon Art & Culture Foundation
Kum-sil KANG

In 2020, JeongSeon Forum has been renewed under the theme of “the Earth and Humanity”, and designed to explore answers to questions on our future in the pandemic era. Especially this year, the forum will be held in Jeongseon, an abandoned mine area and once a symbol of environment pollution and coal industry, to underline the forum’s purpose of seeking for co-existence and co-prosperity between the earth and humanity. On top of all, the forum would provide a venue to deal with Green New Deal, a newly emerging agenda for the economic growth, and “Greenovation”, a new wave of green innovation in Gangwon province. Furthermore, the forum would present visions of a new community in which the earth and humanity are in harmony. I look forward to seeing your support and interests.

Kum-sil KANG

President of BYN BlackYak Co., LTD
Tae-sun KANG

We are now at a critical juncture whether to just sit idly by watching a climate turmoil transforming everything or to change everything in our economy ultimately to avoid catastrophic consequences. Until now, we have learned that corporate social responsibility could not come before business itself and the primary purpose of business would be ‘pursuing profits’. Yet, the mindset could no longer guarantee sustainability both in environment and business operation. ‘Sustainability’ needs to present a thorough agenda that casts questions on our perspective and attitude regarding the world around us, such as ‘Who I am, and How do I live.’ It was the companies with capitals that created the current wave of abundance. Still, anyone could become an innovator who takes ‘behaviors’ breaking out of conventional habits and stereotype and pioneers the path that others have never traveled and experienced, ultimately allowing to add an explosive power to the wave. Therefore, I expect the upcoming forum could help us get hints for solutions and provide an opportunity to generate more innovators by breaking down and going beyond the boundaries among business, government, and consumers.

Chairman of Korea Green Foundation

JeongSeon Forum 2020 will be held by succeeding a peaceful spirit of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. As we are witnessing, Covid-19 putting the entire world in turmoil has turned out to be the consequences of the invasion of human beings into ecosystem. In the past, Jeongseon was known as a symbolic area of the coal industry in Gangwon province that boasts its beautiful nature of woods, rivers, lakes and seas. Therefore, it is meaningful in that we will get together in Jeongseon to raise the forum as a central venue in addressing climate and environmental issues. The upcoming JeongSeon Forum 2020 has been prepared with various programs to bring globally renowned scholars and prominent domestic experts together in seeking for a sustainable Earth. The 21st century is regarded as an era of environment and culture. Now, let us act together to save our Earth.