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Chairman of Gangwon Art & Culture Foundation
Kumsil Kang

Hello everyone,
It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the JeongSeon Forum 2021.

Korea has set off a long-term journey in earnest towards a sustainable life of humanity that coexists with the earth as it launched the 2050 Carbon Neutrality Commission this year.

It is not likely to be an easy path in that we have to adapt to climate change and achieve energy transition during the process. Still, I hope we all could walk together hand in hand while dreaming of a new world in which we could mutually develop with the earth. I also hope that the JeongSeon Forum 2021 would be the first step in the journey.

Once again, welcome you all to the JeongSeon Forum 2021.

Kumsil Kang

Ambassador of the European
Union to the Republic of Korea
Maria Castillo Fernandez

Climate action and transition to green economy lies at the heart of the post- pandemic recovery in the EU. As part of the green recovery to “build back better”, the EU has pledged to become climate neutral in 2050, and is promoting a Green Recovery in particular through its Next Generation EU Plan. However, Europe cannot achieve the environmental ambition of the broader green transition alone. We therefore, are strengthening bilateral cooperation with partners around the world including the Republic of Korea.

The EU welcomes RoK’s commitment in making environment a central pillar in its post-pandemic recovery. We encourage the RoK to lead by example and take up its role as an international climate champion, together with the EU.

Along with efforts at the national and global level, local communities also have their part to play. Local authorities are best positioned to drive local climate action agenda and facilitate transformations that are essential to fighting climate change. In this vein, JeongSeon Forum 2021 aimed at sustainable urban environment is vital in encouraging the local governments to follow the footsteps of Gangwon province in its pursuit of “Greenovation”.

I very much look forward to the fruitful discussions in the JeongSeon Forum 2021. I hope that JeongSeon, a county that was once a symbol of coal industry will continue its efforts in supporting a sustainable environment.

Maria Castillo Fernandez

CEO & Vice Chairman of SK E&S
YU Jeong-joon

With growing concerns over a sustainable earth and the future of humanity, the global market has already began a race toward Net-Zero. Major economies have rushed to declare their initiatives for Carbon Neutrality and various summits are expected to be held in dealing with climate and environment as a main agenda. As such, the issue of climate change has become a more urgent issue in the international community than ever before. Action for a sustainable earth now requires wise responses based on collaboration in international community going beyond domestic cooperation. In this regard, I hope that the 2021 JeongSeon Forum could provide a venue for useful and practical action plan for a sustainable earth. I will look forward to seeing your support and engagement for changes that we are going to make together.

YU Jeong-joon