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JeongSeon Forum 2021

'Our Lives in a Sustainable Environment'

Rapid climate changes and unpredictable natural disasters have consistently threatened the survival of humanity and infringed our rights to live with a clean natural environment. Also, human selfishness has caused eco-system destruction that deprived the flora and fauna of their habitats. New virus, a global pandemic, has recently paralyzed the international community. On top of all, the current adversity has aggravated xenophobia among nations and races, which results in dampening the sentiment of global citizens.

Gangwon Province, Jeongseon County and Gangwon Tourism Organization will hold the JeongSeon Forum 2021 as one of the representative legacies of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games to inherit the Olympic spirit of peace and harmony. JeongSeon Forum 2021 will provide the venue to global citizens to exchange consensus and achieve sustainable co-prosperity of Gangwon Province.

During the forum, we would share the global consensus through discussions on core values to ultimately seek for a path to sustainable global environment and future generations, as well as to share with the international community the future values and key visions that we should protect.

Date August 19.(Thu) ~ 21.(Sat), 2021
Venue Jeongseon, High1 Grand Hotel Convention Tower
Topic Our Lives in a Sustainable Environment
Slogan For Humanity, With Earth


“Olympic City”

Balanced Development of the Historical Olympic city, which successfully hosted Alpine Skiing Downhill events at the 23rd Olympic Winter Games in 2018

“Next Wave”

Beginning in JeongSeon in order to achieve Sustainable and Balanced Development and Identify JeongSeon Forum

“Symbol of mutual prosperity”

In JeongSeon, the city of PyeongChang Winter Olympics and a representative abandoned mine area, this forum will be held to inherit the Olympic spirit and promote the regeneration and mutual prosperity of damaged areas