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※ Participants in Jeongseon Forum 2021 can make a reservation at the special fare.

※ Hotel Price can be less than or higher than the lowest price on the Internet.

※ Reservation available period : 7. 21. (Wed) to 8. 21. (Sat.)

※ Application period of discount amount: 8.17. (Wed) to 8.22. (Sun), apply special rate for 5 days
   - Discounts for Jeongseon Forum 2021 participants only apply to booking accommodation during the jeongseon forum period.
   - Please pay for breakfast on-site. (Grand Hotel Breakfast 28,000 won / 1 person, including Vat)


  • Reservations are only available for hotels (convention tower) and Resort (mountain condo).
  • Payment can only be made by credit(personal) card and bank transfer.